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Welcome to the, unofficial Husky Liners website. Husky Liners makes the best in Floor Liners for Cars, Trucks & SUV's. They make a great range of floor products for every kind of car and truck. If you have a higher end car or truck, take a look at the new WeatherBeater product.

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Husky Floor Liners

Husky Liners, Original Floor Liners are the most rugged, durable, practical floor liner on the market. Ruining your floors from tracking in snow, mud, water, and grease is near impossible with this product. The diamondplate texture on the liners give your feet traction. These mats look great, save your carpet, and will even raise your resell value by at least $1.

WeatherBeater Liners

Where original liners may lack in good looks for some higher end vehicles, WeatherBeaters look great all the time. WeatherBeater floor liners fit perfectly to your floor and are custom made per make and model so that they almost look factory. With the WeatherBeaters, you get the same protection, and quality as offered in the original Husky Liner, only with a bit more style.

Heavy Duty Mats

The Heavy Duty Floor Mats offer any vehicle's owner a place to rest their feet. Unlike the original Husky Liners and WeatherBeaters, Heavy Duty Mats do not trap large amounts of water, mud and snow. Heavy Duty Mats offer great protection from regular wear and tear from resting your feet on the carpet. They also look really good in any vehicle you put them in.

Husky Cargo Liners

Cargo Liners are Husky Liners solution for the cargo area of your car, van, or suv. With the Cargo Liners put into place, you no longer have to worry about animals having accidents in the cargo area, breaking large fresh bottles of apple cider accidentally from the grocery store, or loading a dirty used engine in the back of your rig.

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Husky Liner Applications
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Reasons Why People Like Husky Liners

(over any other Floor Liner or Mat)

  1. Husky Floor Liners are Super Rugged.
  2. Husky Liners are better priced and more affordable than any other floor liner of it's quality.
  3. They trap snow, dirt, mud and other contaminates, keeping them from ruining your floor.
  4. Husky Liners are custom formed for your Year, Make & Model.
  5. Husky Cargo Liners and second seat liners are built for every year, make and model of vehicle to match the front seat floor liners.
  6. WeatherBeater Liners are available for the customers that want a little more style.
  7. Loved by both men and women.
  8. These Liners look good in ANY vehicle application (Lamborghini included).

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